Friday, May 16, 2008

Personal's Ad

so, I'm taking this creative writing class and the teacher asked us to write a poem as if we were posting an ad to find a man. Mine is a bit sassy, but I like it:

I am a woman
With round hips
And slanted eyes
With cherry lips
and supple thies

I love to write
and watch television
to change the world
is my single most vision

I'm not to bossy
and I'm not to cool
I like to get flirty
but I ain't no fool

You better be cute
And you better have class
And just no this one thing
You ain't gettin' no A@@!!!!!!

Analysis:'Hillary Democrats' Could be up for Grabs

So, I was reading the Star Tribune and saw this catchy story that was titled: Analysis:'Hillary Democrats' Could be up for Grabs. "How is that possible?" I thought to myself. I don't know why I was surprised, America has proved herself to be shady time and time again (American Idol pops in my head, shady voters!). Anyway, I was moved to write this political poem:

Obama and Clinton have battled it out like a Tyson vs. Holyfield fight

Now that Obama is favored to win

The fight should be over and Obama should come out victorious in the end

Yet people are speculating that democrats will switch over to McCain

Using Obama's preacher as the reason for their disdain

A great man once said

To judge a man by the content of his character

And not his creed

In this election, America will show the world

Just how far we've come

They are watching



Will we show them that the equality

That we fight for in their country

Exists here

Or will we display to the world

Just how much

American still needs to learn

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where Have All Our Fathers Gone...

For some reason the format of this poem doesn't post the way that I edited it. The lines are suppose to be a lot longer (hence the words of the poem). The format has a lot to do with the poem so this structure does it no justice. Two of the lines are suppose to extend all of the way to the end of the page almost as if the letter 'e' falls off. Each line starts off short and stretches longer and longer symbolizing the way it was in the beginning, to how it is now etc. Perhaps I'll try to reformat it at a later date. Enjoy!

So I'm sitting her thinkin'
and thinkin'
and thinkin'

I'm thinkin' about where

Where have all our father's gone

Like the wind that is there, but we cannot see

Like the child that stands before you, not knowing the other side of me
Like the lines of this poem, that stretch farther and farther away from the last

Is Like the anger that grows inside of me because we do not up lift the pride of our past

Is like the young men we see locked up like animals in a cage, gone like the letter 'e' on this pag

My people, what happen to our glory days...

What happened to the time when our fathers would work hard all day from eight 'til ten

And daddy would come home to mommas corn bread, mashed potatoes and cornish hen

And Lil' man would be scared cuz he done sat up there and messed up at school

And daddy would woop his tail, cuz 'daddy ain't raise no fool
All us kids would make good grades

Cuz daddy was CRAZY, and we didn't want to make him mad
Wazn't no such thing as not being a highschool grad

Mama would stay at home cleanin', checkin' our homework and hangin the laundry on the tree

wazn't no she's a gold digga'

It waz she's not workin'

Stayin' at home

Takin' care of my family
Like the echo in my rhyme

Reverberating like the anguish in my mind

The sins of our fathers have our young men locked up like animals in a cage

Our children are running around, lost and hopeless because of the neglect that breeds rage

I believe the children are our future...The structure that they need gone like the 'e' on this pag

My people, what happened to our glory days...

Miss and Mr. Little ones

please forgive us of what we've done

Where have all our father's gone

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'll Tell You Where My Beauty Lies...

I'll tell you where my beauty lies
it's in my burgundy stained lips and the slant of my eyes
It's in my cheeks the color of a rose, it's in my beautiful, African nose

I'll tell you where my beauty lies
it's in the look that you don't often see in a magazine
yet, there, my features are often seen

I'll tell you where my beauty lies
It's in the glow of my smooth chocolate skin where the light hits
It's in the sparkle of my teeth, when I part my lips

I'll tell you where my beauty lies, it's in the fierceness of my strut that is so signiturely mine
It's in the view that you get when your watching from behind

It's in my beat

My groove
My swagger
My mood

It's in my bossom

My rhyme
My hair intertwined

This beautiful black don't crack and you know it's true
We have beautiful black women that are 44
Walkin' around lookin' 22

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, I'm so happy
In the skin
That I'm In